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USB programs

Miscellaneous USB programs for RISC OS

  SerialUSB module

Version: 0.12
Date: 09-Jul-2020
This SerialUSB module provides DeviceFS serial device drivers for the following USB serial devices: CP210x, PL2303, CH340, FTDI and CDC

Serial driver specification

  Isochronous USB drivers

Date: 24-Jan-18
IsocUSB loads replacement USB drivers to enable USB Isochronous transfers which are required for USB audio. Not required for ArmX6.


Version: 1.06
Date: 29-Mar-18
USBDescriptors lists the USB descriptors for all USB devices connected to your computer.


Version: 0.06
Date: 13-Oct-18
Desktop player of wav, flac and mp3 files on usb devices at the file's native samplerate/resolution