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!FTPc is an internet ftp client for RISC OS. It enables you to drag and drop files and directories to and from your web site or from any other ftp site on the internet.


  • Risc OS 3.1 or later
  • Toolbox and 32bit SharedCLibrary modules - available as a !System update from Castle.
  • Mimemap module (optional)
  • AcornSSL (optional) - Available from the ROOL HardDisc4 image here

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 !FTPc Version 1.56 - including manuals (~170k)

Bug reports and comments

Comments, especially constructive ones, are welcome.

contact: colin@ftpc.iconbar.com


User manual Programmers manual

Version History


  • Fixed authentication with servers that require reuse of the authentication of an existing connection. Requires AcornSSL 1.06.


  • Now uses AcornSSL for ftps.


  • MakeFile Refactored.
  • Recompiled with DDE27


  • Fixed session interface not ignoreing timestamp errors if the server doesn't support timestamping.


  • Fixed timeout reconnect for server that doesn't leave the timeout message.
  • Changed deprecated instructions.


  • Added timestamp of local directory when downloading if MLST command is supported. Timestamping of remote directory is not possible as writing a file to the remote directory changes its timestamp.


  • Fixed dereference of NULL pointer highlighted by ZeroPain


  • Added timestamp preservation when saving and loading files. This is dependent on the server supporting MFMT for setting the timestamp on the server and MDTM for reading the timestamp from the server. Note directories do not preserve their filestamps.


  • Recompiled


  • Secure ftps added - needs Rcomps secure socket module.


  • fixed to suit different norwegian dates.
  • Templates altered so that adjust clicks on menus work.
  • Adjust click on reconnect now leaves the menu open.
  • Key presses passed through app limited to f12 keys.


  • Fixed problem with Alias$@RunType_F91 causing errors with Oregano2


  • User menu can now have nested submenus by wrapping entries as follows:

               submenu="submenu name"
               ...list of entries that will go in submenu.
    you may also give a submenu entry a value.


  • Bug which caused a crash when dragging between FTPc viewer windows fixed.


  • 32/26bit compatible
  • Spaces allowed in hostname.
  • -proxy in URI's fixed.
  • Server reply lines not beginning with a digit are ignored.
  • Transfer type change no longer asks for file size when resume is not showing.
  • Extra CR's removed when uploading in ASCII mode.
  • Changes in file_buffer_size take effect on next connection.
  • Changes in extra_poll_every take effect on next file transfer
  • Default list flags can be set in choices in 'Choices'.
  • Manuals included in program - help option added to iconbar icon.


  • The default transfer status (percentage/time/speed) can be set in choices
  • Bug with add/remove hex filetype selection and external urls fixed.
  • Remove VMS version numbers on download option added.
  • You can now download urls which don't list directories.


  • Saved menu entries now use an absolute path.
  • 'Move to' dialogue box removed. You can now move files/directories by shift dragging to another FTPc filer window. The other window must be a connection to the same site - and it only works if the server supports moving by renaming.
  • 'Add/remove ,hex filetype' option added. When selected FTPc will add ,hex (eg ,fff) to all files uploaded (if the file doesn't already end in ,hex) and remove ,hex from files downloaded and set the filetype accordingly. This option can be set on a per site basis with add_remove_hex_filetype="true" in the menu entry or via the 'Add to user menu' dialogue box.
  • If you have 2 connections open and one modifies the directory of the other the other will now be refreshed.


  • Access Dialogue box added - only works if the site you are connected to uses CHMOD otherwise you will have to revert to using the Site dialogue box.
  • Selecting from the menu now takes into account Choices changes without having to reload.


  • Fixes drag to application bug introduced in 1.33. This was potentially nasty so *** IF YOU DOWNLOADED 1.33 PLEASE UPGRADE TO 1.34 ****


  • *** IMPORTANT CHANGE OF BEHAVIOUR FROM 1.32 *** Shift drag to filer now moves the file from the web site to the filer. Shift drag to an application continues to export the URL.
  • get_status message fixed.
  • Directories sorted to top.
  • Small status Icon now shows estimated transfer time. Note this may vary during a transfer due to variations in transfer rates. Clicking on the Icon will toggle between percentage complete, transfer rate and estimated transfer time. If the file size isn't known then bytes transfered is shown.
  • Now works with Norwegian locale.
  • In filenames : on the server is mapped to ? and vice versa.


  • Shift dragging a file from FTPc exports the file's url as a text file.
  • The username in the User menu url's can contain a /


  • Clicking adjust on a directory opens a new connection to that directory.
  • You can save a directory listing as a text file.
  • You can add flags to the command used to fetch the directory listing so that you can show hidden files. You can also add this option (list_flags) to the user menu.
  • Two wimp messages added resume_transfer and save_status_log
  • Global Choices dialogue box added
  • Add to user menu... added.
  • Passive can be set globally and switched off on a per site basis.
  • Site selection dialogue box entry can now be set globally as well as in the user menu.
  • Site on upload dialogue box entry can now be set globally as well as in the user menu.
  • can drag text/url file to iconbar or connect window.
  • Ant url launcher fixed
  • Fixed drag failing after application drag
  • & replaced by ' on downloading and vice versa.


  • Passive mode now set manually either by selecting Passive on the connection dialogue box or adding -passive to the url in the menu entry. See Passive connections in the User manual.


  • Uses PASV mode in preference to PORT. This allows use through a firewall which doesn't allow FTP with the PORT command. Note some sites don't allow the PASV mode (eg ftp.argonet.co.uk) so you still won't be able to access these via a firewall.
  • Directory parser modified to cope with more sites
  • You can now download a link if it is a file


  • Abort bug introduced in version 1.25 fixed


  • remove_empty_directory message added.


  • Site commands can now be applied to each uploaded file. This will allow, for example, permissions to be set or filetypes to be set for each uploaded file if the server supports the necessary site commands. - See Site Specific Commands in the UserManual
  • Default settings for Site on Upload and Site Selection dialogue boxes can be set on a site by site basis from the user menu
  • User menu entries can now be on multiple lines by ending all but the last line in an entry with ; - see User menu in the UserManual
  • Format of Text entered into Site dialogue boxes changed to allow multiple commands.


  • Improved Vax support - now uploads directories
  • now works with HP1000


  • FTPcBasLib modified do that it can be used from an Application
  • Bug in store file messages return value fixed


  • Resume Upload/Download of file added - requires server support to work - see Resume in the documents.
  • Speed bug introduced in default setup since 1.20 fixed
  • Sites which don't like CDUP catered for


  • Site command added to selection submenu allowing commands like CHMOD to be applied to each file/directory in the selection.


  • Wimp Messages added allowing ftp functions from your own programs.
  • BASIC library for Wimp Messages (FTPcBasLib) added - Enables you to write scripts in BASIC.
  • Now supports more proxy types - hopefully all.
  • Method of handling proxies changed. Existing proxy users should use the USER method - see Proxies Gateways and Firewalls in the docs
  • Can temporarily disable a default proxy.
  • Setup no longer uses OS variables and can go in "choices:FTPc" directory


  • Bug with non multitasking resolver introduced in 1.18 fixed


  • Gateway Authentication added so you can set a password for a gateway as well as the target host
  • Can configure a proxy server (modify !Setup) to simplify use through a proxy server - see Connecting through a Proxy server in the documents
  • Display problem with numbered sprites appearing fixed.
  • Problem with crashing on RO3.8 fixed
  • Hopefully faster on networks with facility to fine tune (modify !Setup) - see Fine Tuning in the documents.


  • Now works with later versions of Freenet


  • Display problem with RISC OS 4 cured
  • Adding default="true" to a menu entry will select that entry by clicking Adjust on the iconbar


  • Reconnect/New connection added to main menu - see documents
  • Tabs allowed in status log
  • Menu now works over status bar
  • 77 file limit no longer crashes download
  • Demon bug - uploads failing at MKD fixed


  • Bug where last file is not uploaded fixed. This only occurs if uploading from certain filing systems notably old raFS and Yellowstones ATAFS.


  • File count added
  • Some support for VMS
  • Documents show how to use with proxy server


  • Status log which records the messages sent to and from the server - see documents
  • Drag to status bar works like drag to main window.
  • Directory refresh doesn't scroll back to top of window


  • ResFind used for language support
  • Bug with typing of ,hex files corrected
  • Should work with T-Online


  • Newer option - Limit uploads to files created after a specified date - see documents
  • : allowed in passwords in menu entry.
  • Should be faster when used on a Network.
  • URL handling corrected. The first / in the path is ignored allowing relative paths. This may affect User Menu and URI files.
  • Bug with uploading files with hard space fixed


  • German version
  • Directory fades when busy
  • Clicking on change directory will refresh the directory
  • Bug with save file from saveas dialogue box fixed
  • Bug with numbered host names fixed.


  • Download and Upload files to/from applications
  • Should work with more servers


  • Fixed menus not showing on certain sites. Its likely that recursive downloads and deletes don't work on these sites either - for the moment


  • Recursive delete and downloads
  • User menu added to iconbar menu - see documents
  • Can enter path in connect window
  • Abort is now as good as its going to get - see documents
  • Spaces in password allowed.


  • Supports spaces in file names - swapped with <alt><space> in RISC OS file names.
  • Port can be specified in host name - host:port.
  • Should have less site problems.
  • Percentage updated at 0.5 sec intervals.
  • Filetype icons.
  • Supports Acorn and Ants URL system - allowing quick access to sites see documents for details.


  • SITE command line added - see documents for use/limitations
  • Downloading now shows 100% when complete
  • TYPE A N caused problems - changed to TYPE A
  • Should solve resolver problems - may not multitask though
  • Leave user and password blank for anonymous logins. - see documents
  • No mimemap problems removed


  • Should now work with more sites including Demon (LIST -l required)
  • !Run modified to improve resource error detection


  • Should now work with problem sites (some sites don't use CRLF line endings)
  • Adjust click on close icon opens parent


  • Name changed from !ftp to !FTPc to avoid clashes with Ants !ftp
  • Sockets close on quit program.
  • Password behaviour in connection window.


  • Release